BLACK DRAGON Black Gilsonite Asphalt Paint

BLACK DRAGON is a quick drying, high-gloss asphalt enamel paint. For painting metal, masonry, and wood surfaces, inside and out where a corrosion resistance black protective coating is desired.  Provides excellent corrosion protection for all types of metal surfaces including pipe.

  • Fast Dry
  • One-Coat Coverage
  • Indefinite Shelf Life
  • Chromate/Lead Free
  • Maximum Corrosion Protection
  • Provides Permanent Waterproof and Rustproof Protection

Offers one-coat coverage with full resistance to water, acids, alkalis, electrolysis and natural elements.  

Meets Federal Specification TTC-494 Types I, II, and III. Meets AASHTO M-190, for Type A (Fully Bituminous Coated).  BLACK DRAGON meets Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Supplementary Details for Manholes and Inlets, Index 201, Revision 7/1/2005 as a Bituminous Coating.

Excellent for use on:
  • Underground Pipelines
  • Water Lines and Valves
  • Steel Flanges and Bolts
  • Metal Natural Gas Piping
  • Storage Tanks
  • Grease Traps
  • Iron Manhole Covers
  • Steel in Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Traveling Trusses and Walkways
  • Steel to be Imbedded in Concrete
  • Automobile and Truck Undercarriage
  • Wood Posts and Wood Structures


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